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Wildly unique

At Wildlings Oak Grove Wildschooling, we hold ourselves to the highest possible standard. We believe that all students deserve an outstanding education, fit exactly to their needs. Wildlings Oak Grove Wildschooling instills confidence and broadens opportunities by giving each student the skills they need to succeed.

We are experienced in educating students with unique needs, as well as unique abilities and backgrounds. We provide an individualized approach that offers support and facilitates attainable opportunities. Every program that Wildlings Oak Grove Wildschooling offers enhances the lives and expands the futures for all of our students, and their families as well.

  • Our unique, Montessori inspired wildschooling environment provides inclusion, nurturing and support for typical learners, remedial and LSEN learners, bridging the barriers to learning. 

  • We can see our children as they truly come to love learning and begin to discover their true potential as young men and women.

  • Our goal is to nurture each child’s intelligence and creativity.

  • Our goals for children are for them to be open-minded and compassionate, to gain a sense of themselves and others, and to understand and appreciate the diversity of the human spirit.

  • We respect the fundamental human needs, rights, and dignity of each person, no matter how young, as a full and independent person who is engaged in the ongoing process of development.

We offer:

- Small classes

-  1 on 1 attention

-  Nature based learning

-  Montessori

-  Caps

-  Remedial Support

-  Think Digital online curriculum for students who would benefit from the program

An experiential approach to learning for children from 3 to 12 years old.

Montessori adapted method and philosophy of teaching


Nature based teachings

One on one as well as small group learning

Every child has an IEP as per Montessori principles

Learner support to meet goals at their own pace

Small classes to ensure individual support

Self-paced learning

Remedial support

Integrated learning therapy movement activities to aid neurological development

Think Digital curriculum for Grade 1 to Grade 7

We do not:

  •  Offer mainstream schooling

  • Use a box curriculum

  • Rely on standardized testing methods

  • Split children according to grades but rather abilities

  • We do not reject the importance of learning traditional subjects and fundamental skills

  • Let children run wild with no order

  • We do not encourage no boundaries and order

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